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Being a little “cupid”

September 7, 2008

having not had the experience of motherhood, I can only surmise that children are bundles of joy and darlings. Until they open their mouths and scream the place down. Successfully I might add.

For some reason I am a magnate to children when I travel. Children and lost cats. And lost dogs. And anything that looks lost come to think of it. Does that make me a sucker? At this moment I’m thinking of another ‘s’ work rhyming with cupid.

My history of photography is short but in that time I have developed an aversion towards photographing older people and an attraction towards children. Maybe it’s an inner thing that needs therapy.

One thing I have noticed through my years of travel particularly in Asia, is that the little darlings with the big doe like eyes have developed very shrewd business minds. No longer do they love their photos being taken for free. Its pictures for money. On an personal level this is something I try and steer clear of, as it opens up a can of worms on the topic of responsible travel. Up to now I have usually encountered children asking for the money upfront. But not so in Cambodia. They were that much shrewder and I was that much cupider.

Just once was I caught out, only once.  He found me looking at a wall of bas reliefs and lured me into this small gap between the walls. There I was thinking he was going to show me something special in the wall, that no one else knew about, but no he wanted a picture. So I shot a frame and then…

taken by Cate

taken by Cate

“one dollar, one dollar” were his demands. Yeah, it’s only one dollar, but that is not the point. Naturally me being me, he didn’t get paid.

So a word of warning, when you are in Siem Reap and you happen to be wondering around temples and other places, watch out for the cute darlings, especially this one. They will come up asking for their picture to be taken, and then try and charge you for it. Don’t be cupid and give them money.

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  1. erin permalink
    September 9, 2008 1:15 am

    The old long shot lenses were handy, pretend your photographing something else where and swing the camera around for a quick shot, a little sneaky, not to get out of paying money but is just less intrusive as some believe there spirit is taken away when a phot is taken or something like this.

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