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A window into my Seoul

September 15, 2008

For now, I have put my roots down in Seoul, South Korea. For now. Seoul has been widely blogged by expats residing here some good, and some well….

Caffeinated Traveller doesn’t intend to be an expat blog but sometimes it’s good to share with you my homebase. So, this is my window into Seoul for you to see.

Seoul has sometimes been labelled as a city bordering on being – souless.  It may not be the most aesethically pleasing city in this area of Asia (yet) but you only need to scratch its surface to find that this city has life and yes, a little soul. Keep an eye on Seoul, it’s aware of its souless reputation and is making amends to replace the less with “full”. South Korea itself is an rapidly emerging market, shaking off its misfortunate past and Seoul plays a big role in this. The city has plans to put itself on the top tourist destination map.

At the forefront of this change are the cafe, restaurant, and bar scenes. The small often badly run cafe once found on every street corner, has either willingly or reluctantly given way to upbeat fusion style places. These transformations are mainly due to the demands of Seoulites pushing for change.  Owners have refurbished and redesigned their premises applying the sophistication of Europe and style of Japan, with a Korean take on it. While some have succeeded and some need a little more time.

And it starts with shopfronts and shop names.


taken by Cate

taken by Cate

I love this shopfront. Of course it’s a hairstylist not a cafe but I just love the choice of words. I take this question personally everytime I walk past the shop.Of course I tend to have bad hair on those days.

taken by Cate

taken by Cate

What other name would best describe a hostess bar.

taken by Cate

taken by Cate

What exactly does decalcomanie mean? Is it a kind of decaf coffee I am unaware of?

Caffeinated Traveller


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