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NZ, not just mountains and rings – coastal and country roads

September 28, 2008

When it comes to tourism, New Zealand has mastered the art of service to the big sights around its country. You only need to hop on a bus and you’re swept off, in total comfort and luxury, to wherever you want to go on the main tourist routes: Rotorua – geysers and boiling mud; Waitomo – glow worms; Queenstown – bungy jumping and adrenalin screams; the list goes on.

These sights come with a guarantee that you will see breathtaking beauty on a large scale. But there is no guarantee that you will be alone. Depending on the season you travel, joining you will be hordes of other like minded people hustling to find a unique spot for pictures, racing to get ahead of you so they can spend a few seconds alone before the crowds arrive.

But this doesn’t have to be the only way to enjoy New Zealand’s sights. Take some time out from your bus, train or flight schedule, and hire a car for a day or two. Then truly begin to discover New Zealand – 100% Pure. Its small farming communities and fishing villages, coastlines and rolling hills and the warmth of rural New Zealanders. Not to forget the home style cafes, craft shops, and laid back pubs where the social event of the calendar is watching a rugby match live on cable.

For history buffs the country roads are a great place to discover New Zealand’s colonial past.

by Joe May

by Joe May

And for lighthouse fans – try some of New Zealand’s numerous coastal roads.

by Joe May

by Joe May

by Cate

by Cate

Going somewhere off the main tourist route is rewarding when you find small treasures like lighthouses, uninhabited coastlines, and penguins….crossing.

by Joe May

by Joe May

Well…kind of. It is SUCH an experience to have small blue penguins crossing in front of you when out on an evening stroll in a rural coastal town. Being from New Zealand I have taken these experiences for granted in the past, but now I’ve learnt to appreciate them whenever I go back home.

Caffeinated Traveller

  1. Bear permalink
    September 28, 2008 1:15 pm

    What great descriptions! It makes me want to go there tomorrow 🙂

  2. September 28, 2008 10:40 pm

    Nice point. Couldn’t agree more. But then just about every road in New Zealand is a country road. Even State Highwway 1 which runs from Cape Reinga to Bluff is a country road for most of its length. A car is far and away the best way to tour . . . you can stop whenever you want to see things and do things. or get great photos like those above.

    David Morris

  3. September 29, 2008 5:08 am

    Thanks David for you helpful comments. Yes like you said NZ roads are on the rural side and very picturesque. No busy interstates. But I think at times they can be a little too hectic due to their small size and large traffic volume.

    I really think in countries like NZ driving your own motor vehicle is the better way to go.

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