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A little bit of Barbie in the heart of Wellington, NZ

October 11, 2008

By no means would I call myself a ‘ barbie girl’ and I think all who know me would agree with this statement. Pink is not a colour featured in my wardrobe; frills and sequins have not come close to my skin nor apartment since the 80s.

But once in a while I do like to see something that although is in the barbie category, is nice to look at. And I can say out loud -“how pretty”.

In a mad rush to reach Wellington train station from it’s airport, I found a series of small shops all beautifully lit up in the cold winters evening. Even though I was pushed for time, I had to stop and enjoy these displays sitting elegantly behind their windows. Some of you will recognise these shops along Featherston Street. A street in the business heart of Wellington filled with ‘after 5’ bars, ‘to be seen at’ restaurants and overpriced business hotels.

On the surface Featherston Street is a small, dull looking street. Unlike lively Cuba Mall, there are no buskers, street entertainers or benches to rest on. But over the past few years, the street has quietly started transforming its grey offices into charming boutiques for a growing niche – professional women.

by Cate

by Cate

Small Acorn is a Designer Guild interior design shop that stocks everything for the feminine taste including licorice all sorts – a famous NZ sweet, one piece contains enough sugar to have you buzzing for the rest of the week. No exaggeration.

If I had to have pink in my house -excluding flowers – I guess I would opt for elegant seating.

by Cate

by Cate

I could picture Kirsten Dunst, as Marie Antoinette lounging on this – “let them eat cake”.

Small Acorn is a must see interior design boutique in Wellington NZ. If not for shopping, then just for browsing. It takes the colour pink to a whole new level, even I could have in my home.

If you know the name of the designer who made this sofa please let me know. Thanks

Caffeinated Traveller

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  1. October 13, 2008 11:31 am

    Good Choices of yours to make your home really great looking.
    To see the beauty and capture it is the best way of photography.
    really beautiful pics can’t resist to admire that one.

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