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How far would you go? Your thoughts appreciated

October 15, 2008

Crossing the line

I’ve recently been reading up on Iran in the LP guide. The pictures displayed are wonderful, the people friendly, the food scrummy and delicious, and the rugs……  well the rugs speak for themselves.

Then I come upon a region in north west Iran; an area which borders Iraq- Kurdistan. From what is written about this area, it seems possible to enter Iraq from Iran, with relatively minimal problems, as the borders are open more often than closed. How so? This region differs greatly to that of southern Iraq. Depending on the environment, visas can be issued at the border crossing.

So, I got thinking (again),  hmmm Kurdistan, Iraq, could it be possible? After pondering this question, I realised a problem. The problem that travellers can be exposed to;clouded thinking. At some point in our travels we can become too brave, thriving on adrenaline, where our rational becomes irrational. When adventure changes to risk with a capital R.

So readers here are my questions for your thoughts and opinions. When it comes to travel and adventure:

How far would you go ?

Where would you draw the line?


Caffeinated Traveller

ps. It’s super easy to add your comments, just click on comment and write. Be the first to put your opinion down on this one. I look forward to reading them.

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  1. Jerry permalink
    October 16, 2008 4:11 am

    For me I am not a risk taker. Places like Thailand are as adventurous as it gets. But I lover reading about those who do take a risk to see more.
    Greatt blog keep up the good posts!!!

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