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Olympic Park, visions of gold

December 7, 2008

Twenty years ago Olympic Park was built for the Seoul Summer Olympics. Built with visions of gold, dreams of success and bright futures in mind.

Those visions and dreams haven’t changed, the buildings still stand, dreams of gold and success still exist –  except not by elite athletes but by everyday Koreans. The park has flourished over the twenty years. No longer does it sit in empty paddocks surrounded by a few upmarket apartments, feeder roads and a subway.  It is now very much a part of Seoul, the city has sprawled out to keep the park company –  a fine example of economic growth.

For me the park is very much a haven. A place to go and exercise, to walk, to think. Its numerous trails heavily used by joggers, walkers, cyclists and would be singers, are popular in the balmy summer evenings.  It is also a popular spot for retirees with time on their hands – in need of fresh air and a place to congregate. A place to catch the sun as the day ends.

by Cate

by Cate

Seasonal changes compliment the landscape within the park:

by Joe May

by Joe May

You can spend a good part of the day wandering around the park. At one end,  next to the Olympic Village, meanders a small stream with carp, stepping stones, and lazy day benches.

Nestled amongst the trees are sculptures emplaced ready to be appreciated:

by Joe May

by Joe May

No matter the time of the year and the temperature outside,visiting Olympic Park has many pluses. And if you are like me, in need of a hot caffeine hit, there are the ever reliable coffee chains on the park edges and kiosks inside the park.

You can reach the park by taking the subway Line 5, exit Olympic Park (it’s not hard).

Caffeinated Traveller

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