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Photo Friday – World Food Day

October 16, 2009

Today, October 16 has been declared World Food Day. A day where professionals, organisations and leaders meet to discuss, debate and share ideas on ways to ease food shortages in developing nations.

There has always been a burning question at the back of my mind: how can a world that produces such wonderful fruits and crops fail to distribute them properly?

by Cate

by Cate

And have no qualms about waste once quotas have been filled?

by Cate

by Cate

Until I had travelled, the thought of poverty and starvation never really sank in. My parents and teachers used to ramble on about hunger in India (it was some time ago) and Africa, but these places seemed millions of miles away. Since then I’ve learnt the value of food; how it can be used as a weapon of control and also as a token of friendship between strangers.

I’ve been lucky to have shared food with orphans in Cambodia and families in Burma, and seen the delight on adult faces when I’ve offered them a simple treat like a chocolate cookie or an orange.

Unfortunately I’ve also felt repulsed travelling through western countries where obesity is prevalent and food is disrespected. One thing is for certain — travel does open your eyes.

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Caffeinated Traveller

  1. October 16, 2009 10:57 am

    Well said!! Travel sure does give me new perspective and allow me to learn about myself as well.

  2. October 16, 2009 12:35 pm

    Here here! Well said.

  3. October 16, 2009 3:57 pm

    There is nothing like travel to experience the beauty and the sadness of the world we live in. I love the way you pictured the concept in the two photos, the lush image of the strawberries against the shriveled red tomato on a black and white background.

  4. October 16, 2009 4:32 pm

    Your lines of words and pictures tell us a simple story, yet that can’t be solved in a simple way.

    This keeps us thinking and debating.

  5. October 17, 2009 2:36 am

    Yes, you are so right. Travel does open your eyes. And your heart, too. Thank you for the thoughtful post.

  6. October 17, 2009 12:07 pm

    You know you don’t have to go to the world with that question. Just go to a guatemalan market. all the people there selling tons and tons of amazing produce are dirt poor and half of their kids die of malnutrition. I ask my husband how is that possible, when they are sitting on this amazing smorgasbord of food!

    He says, they can’t touch it, and they believe they have to buy the stuff. It’s such a complicated and sad story, that no matter the amount of times I’ve asked about it, I can’t figure it out.

  7. October 17, 2009 2:44 pm

    I do like our farmers markets here. We have a great selection of regional produce and products…and you can deal directly with the farmer who grew your food or the person who created the product. We’re trying to pay more attention to eating more locally these days.

  8. October 17, 2009 2:54 pm

    Very compelling, thought-provoking post & photos.

  9. October 18, 2009 11:40 am

    Thanks everyone for your coments – perhaps a little serious for photo Friday but well sometimes it has to be.

    Rainfield – it sounds simple much like a child would ask and think, but adults tend to over complicate simple things don’t you think?

    Marina – being an expat puts you right there, sometimes you can help but most of the time due to cultural complexities you know nothing about, you’re left figuring it out like you said. Similar things happen in Panama, during October some of the indigenous indian tribes go hungry because they have no money to buy food food. I found that surprising.

    Dominique – buying direct is always a good way, I agree with your thinking here.


  10. October 18, 2009 4:37 pm

    I Love your pictures at the same time that I resonate with your words. I want to hear the stories about the orphans. You’ve whetted my appetite, so to speak.

  11. October 18, 2009 5:29 pm

    A thought-provoking post with a perfect juxtaposition of photographs.

  12. October 18, 2009 8:26 pm

    Travelling has allowed me to open my eyes to poverty and hunger. Many, many people in this world do not know where their food will come from the next day. We have been fortunate enough to have plenty, and I can only hope for more people to share their blessings with others. Happy World Food Day!

  13. October 19, 2009 11:38 am

    Charlotte – thanks I have been toying with writing a post on the orphans, stayed tuned so to speak.

    Lorraine – what lovely words thanks!

    Jen – Hi! A really nice thought here — I’m with you on this one.

  14. October 19, 2009 10:13 pm

    This is a wonderful pair of photographs. Thanks for sharing!

  15. October 23, 2009 11:32 am

    First, I love the first photo. Makes me miss strawberries (which I haven’t eaten since July or August). One thing that’s great with Swedish summers!

    Secondly, this strikes a chord with me: “… I’ve also felt repulsed travelling through western countries where obesity is prevalent and food is disrespected.” Reminds me of when I first came to Detroit and saw more fast food chains and overweight people than I’ve seen in my whole life. Too far from conscious, mindful eating and food is often taken for granted. Worlds apart from poverty stricken countries where, like Jen said, people don’t know where their food will come from the next day.

    • October 24, 2009 10:48 am

      Yes its the thought that food has lost its appreciation or value that disturbes me. Western society either stress people to the point they seek comfort in food or deprive themselves to the point of starvation.

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